About Us

Hello and Welcome to the EMS Wellbeing Store!

We create and curate simple yet long-lasting wellbeing experiences in the form of products and services that help our customers lead a happy and fulfilling life.

EMS Wellbeing Store was founded during the pandemic with the intention of offering a curated range of high quality, proven & award winning self care and wellbeing products that help our customers destress, relax and feel good. The pandemic transformed our lives significantly and taking care of our mental health and wellbeing has never been more critical.

With our diverse self care & wellbeing products range, we are on a mission to make Self Care easy and accessible for busy working & business professionals, who struggle to balance work and personal wellbeing.

At the EMS Wellbeing Store, you are rest assured of the high quality, sustainability and therapeutic qualities of all our products. With our thoughtfully curated, award wining range of wellbeing products, we are continuously providing quick and simple ways to incorporate self care and wellbeing in your daily routine.

Self Care is the foundation to lead a productive, fulfilling and healthy life; every little step towards it, counts!

And we are here to help you take those incremental little steps towards your wellbeing.

Let us instil calm and happiness in your busy lives! 

Join in, connect and grow with us on this wellbeing journey!

Our Brand Promise